Review - Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel 6.7 fl oz

We often have models with skin problems.  So we constantly are able to review skin products that are actually helpful to women.


Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel 6.7 fl oz

Nu-Derm Foaming Gel deep removes dirt, oil and pollutants.


It gently cleanses your pores with a oat amino acids complex. Borage extract tones and conditions your skin. Alfalfa extract detoxifies to prevent breakouts and reduce excess sebum.

Obagi is great skin Brand.   To find out more:  Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel 6.7 fl oz


How to Clear a Foot of Snow in 30 Minutes

We had nice dump of snow in New York.  The city was a disaster, streets were still white covered snow by 7 pm.  I drove back to my home late to find about a foot of snow in the driveway.  What’s worse the coming home, tired from a long day of work.  Finding yourself stuck plowing snow at till 11 pm!!!

In the past I tried ergonomic shovels, electric snow blowers, every gadget on amazon.  Long story short, they just can’t handle snow when it goes over 8”.   There always drawbacks, I have a long drive way, so I need about 200 ft. of extension cord just to plow it with the electric thrower.  You got tangled cords, then you need to wind up that cord, it ends up being a massive production.

My good friend, last night, Mr. tough guy had to shovel a few driveways, don’t work I got a tough back.

Me I took a different approach:  

Little snow eating monster!


Toro Power Clear 518 ZR or 518 ZE. 

Don’t ask me what ZE or ZR stand for I don’t remember.  What’s great about these little gas snow blowers are there light for gas snow blowers.  So, it’s easy to pick them up and place them where you want it.   They also have this one pull start feature that really works.  No more extension cords.   Pull out the little monster.  Give it a little pull and off you go!  They are also power assisted paddle, meaning the paddles pull the blower so it literally pulls u like you’re walking a dog.

The trick is just give it like quarter gallon or gas.  Just enough.  You don’t a lot or its too heavy to carry around and move. Like moving it down stairs.

Its rated to clear up 9” deep.  Deep snow, all you need to do is hit the pile with half the blade.  Don’t use all 18” inch or the small engine will stall will deep or heavy snow. What used to take me literally 1.5 hrs. to clear with my other gadgets.   Took about 30 min.

Your too lazy to pull start it?  Well Toro was smart you can plug into AC socket and push start the thing.  Simply amazing.

Compact enough to fit in Volvo station wagon.

My advice go get at a nice local dealer who will show you how to start it and maintain it.  Honestly, I was totally clueless how to use gas one. It’s important to find a good dealer if you any issues.  I had it for 2 years love it.. give it 5 stars.


Questions and Comments?

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions about any type of snow clearing method.  Cause seriously I bought them all, every brand, every shovel type, etc.

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Summary Pros:

·       Light

·       Easy to start (one pull, or push to start)

·       Clears snow fast

·       Conveniences (5 stars for this!!!)

·       Compact Size


All other specs can be found at: