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Check out our latest review on Great Skin Cleanser - OBAGI NU  

Check out our latest review on Great Skin Cleanser - OBAGI NU


Watch our latest youtube video - Galaxy s8+ Sucks. What features suck. Well it doesn't really suck it has a few issues. 8 out of 10. Overall i liked.... Except....(Watch the video) I didn't have any performance issues. Its fast. Camera excellent. Charges fast. Doesn't explode.  Definitely a cutting edge Android Phone with some issues.   



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6/17/17 Its a Official Dex Villa (Desi Villanueva) won the latest Sony Photography Competition.  Thanks for all the support guys!


www.sony.com/stories  Dex Villa

www.sony.com/stories  Dex Villa




5/28/17  Sorry guys Dvilla here.  Melissa and I have been busy traveling back and forth between LA and NYC.  I have been busy with Sony Stories competition where i am currently ranked 1 thanks to our FB and Instagram Friends.  It will be over by the in a few days, so all the madness will subside.

You can check the my story here:   Sony Stories


Sony Stories


I am just happy my story connected with so many people.  My decision to use mostly normal people; rather then pull professional models for the story i think was good move.  

I tried to convey an emotion or story which each image.  The objective of the project was to inspire you the reader or the viewer to purse your dreams and don't let anyone stop you.   


Special thanks for Maserati for letting me review their new 2017 Model.   For more Maserati images click on the link below:

Sony Stories


The blog for the most part has been moved to nycbostonla.com.  I think it deserved it's own site.  It looks great.  Melissa been doing a great job of reviewing all the styling products we use on models and clients.

5/29/17  I think i been burned out with all the drama in LA.  Only to come back to NYC go out to see some friends i haven't seen in a while.  By the end of the night drama unfolded in NYC too?!?   I guess its just part of life everywhere.   I am just glad it didn't involve me this time.

Definitely check out the gallery we added more pictures will continue to add contact for the whole month of June.


Contact Issues:

If you been trying to email us, we just get tons of email since the Sony stories competition.  We may miss yours.  Just keep trying or text the number above.  We pretty much are screening all our calls at this point.  So text would be better.

Thanks for understanding.